First contact

When you contact me, please include your name, age, ethnicity, when and where do you want to see me, type and duration of date. Then I will let you know If there is anything else needed. I don't discriminate against age, race or shape and I treat your information with discretion.


I have impeccable hygiene and cleanliness and I expect the same from you. Shower, neat grooming, and fresh breath are the best ways to start a date on a high note.

Donation in envelope

The donation must be presented at the start of the date. If we start out in private, please leave the donation in plain sight on the table or in unsealed envelope. If we are meeting in a public space, please bring the unsealed envelope in a gift bag or a special book for the utmost discretion. A restaurant takeaway bag with a dessert, sweet treat, or bottle of wine will be appreciated.


I am more than happy to travel to you, or with you. Please provide adequate time before the trip for me to make the necessary arrangements. You will be required to pay the ticket for flight or train and accommodation. The amount will be send to me in advance and I will make the purchase.
Deposit 50% is mandatory for FMTY date.

Overnight rules

Be aware that overnights require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If this is not respected I would have to cancel our date. If you wish to get "all nighter", there will be extra cost to original donation.
If we are spending more than 12 hours together, I will as well need hour or two In morning to get ready before we go out.

3+ hours dates

Dates that are 3 hour and longer must include a fun activity or some form of entertainment. Let me know if you would like my list of favorite date ideas! We can for sure find something we both enjoy.

Online care

Please note that although I love to keep having some brief updates with my lover from time to time, I cannot become full time texting companion without contribution. If you wish to have more access to me online, I have rates for texting/calling, you can check out that option.


  • If you wish to extend the date, please have the funds of my listed rates available on hand or be prepared using fast online method (Wishtender, Revolut..)
  • If you have some fantasy of what would you like me to wear, please let me know in the first message. If it is something I own, I can possibly grant your wish. If not, then you must be the one providing the specific attire as gift.
  • I have 15 minutes grace period for punctuality. If you are running late more than 15 minutes, it will affect the lenght of our date.
  • Deposits are required under certain circumstances. I will let you know after first contact.  I have various ways for sending deposits to choose from.
  • All deposits are non refundable. But If you cancel in timely manner, you can reschedule the date once more on the same deposit. After failed second time, you will be required to send the rate in full in order to  ever get date with me.
  • If cancellation is last minute or is not announced at all before start of the date, cancellation fee will apply.
  • I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions. I am a sensitive, caring  woman with personal needs, and boundaries that must be respected at all times. If I feel disrespected  at any time I will leave the date. No refunds.
  • Trying to negotiate the donation in any way is considered disrespectful and such inquiry will be ignored.